The Queen of Colour, Anjel is Australia’s leading scientifically based Colour-Response Analyst with more than 40 years experience, globally.

By using the science of colour, I can guide you through to support you physically and mentally during this health crisis.

If you would like more information, please contact me on 02 9968 2028 or email

I do hope you are having a colourful day. Anjel

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Using a scientifically based colour response technology, Anjel has found
it to be a vital component in corporate and private areas of our society, empowering personal energies, increasing business profits and lifting
property values.

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LISTEN to Anjel speak about her work with 2CH's Aaron Wright.
Dec 2019

"I had a colourful Sunday night on 2CH radio with the affable presenter Aaron Wright. Listening to his program on some nights and going on air with him is such an exciting opportunity for me to tell his listeners about the power of colour through science. I wrote a book about this, entitled, How to Minimise the Impact of Dementia and Alzheimers Using the Science of Colour that you can purchase through my STORE PAGE."

"You can listen to the clip of my chat with him using the button below. Send in your comments!"

WATCH Anjel's talk with Anikiko Malinova
at the NSW State Library
Oct 2019

WATCH Anjel's book launch
at the NSW State Library
Oct 2019

WATCH Anjel talk with Adam Scougall

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LISTEN to Anjel speak about The Power of Colour
on ABC Radio's 'Life Matters' with Richard Aedy

WATCH Anjel give a Colour Presentation
Adelaide, SA

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READ an article about Anjel's work in NSW HOMES Magazine.

WATCH a compilation of some of Anjel's earlier appearances on national television.

CALL ANJEL OBRYANT on 02 9968 2028

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