By using the science of colour I can guide you through to support you physically and mentally during this health crisis. If you would like more information please contact me on 02 9968 2028 or email I do hope you are having a colourful day Anjel
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'Have a Colourful Day!'

Anjel in her beloved Balmoral surrounds.

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Colour Up Your Wellbeing - Red stimulates the adrenal glands giving us the ability to survive. If you’re run down red food can be stimulating and energising and build up the immune system. #redfood #chakraeating #deliciousstrawberries #energisingred #thepowerofcolour #foodcolour #rainbowdie

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Picking the right colours, particularly when it comes to your underwear, can enhance and even change your life.
Red increases vitality and energy, stimulates the adrenal glands and warms the body.
Good for every day use for more energy but especially good for exercising, working long hours or a night on the town and if the body needs warming.

Anjel chats about The Power of Colour on radio today.
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A fun and enlightening session with Jonathon Designer Rugs